Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Trust Foundation administered?
The Nelson College Trust Foundation is an independent charity registered on the New Zealand Charities Register (#CC3267).  It's purpose is to support the long-term sustainability of Nelson College, providing income for distribution to the College that is used to give the students facilities and opportunities that they would not get by relying on state funding.
It's administered by 10 trustees who represent Parents and Whānau, Old Boys, the Nelson College Board and College Staff, with an independent Chair.  Trustees meet 3 times through the year to administer the Trust and discuss support for the college.

Who are our current Trustees?

Judge Tony Zohrab – Chairman, Independent
Tim Oughton - Acting Principal/Tumuaki
Simon Mardon - NC Staff Representative
Manoli Aerakis – Nelson College Board of Trustee
Tim Gall – Nelson College Board of Trustees
John Palmer - Independent Trustee
John McCaul – Old Boys' Association
Mike Neale – Old Boys' Association
Janine Pomeroy – Parent Representative 
Euan McIntosh – Parent Representative

How do I ensure my gift or bequest is spent on a specific part of the college?
When you donate to the Trust Foundation, we will ask you to specify which endowment fund you would like to contribute to.  We've established these funds to ensure we have the flexibility to apply the funds in the areas of biggest need and respect the wishes of donors, whilst minimising the administration costs associated with many individual donations.
We believe this structure allows us to make a bigger difference to more students. For this reason, we no longer accept a donation as a single scholarship, for a specific purpose.
If you don't wish to specify an endowment fund, your donation will go to the 'General' endowment fund for Trustees to administer.

How will my donation be acknowledged?
We are extremely grateful to receive donations to our Endowment Funds and ensure that donors are acknowledged appropriately.
Each Endowment Fund lists the contributors to that fund where appropriate, such as on the college's website (Trust Foundation page) and Trust Foundation reports.

Is my donation tax deductible?
The Nelson College Trust Foundation is a registered charity and therefore all donations can be claimed. You will be provided with a tax receipt and can claim tax credits for donations of $5 or more. You can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar you donated.

Can I ask for my donation to have conditions attached (other than where it will be spent)?
To operate effectively, the Trust Foundation has it's own administration guidelines.  These cover the maintenance and investment of funds, the identification of income, and how it's distributed annually.  We're happy to provide a copy of these guidelines on request.
These guidelines don't provide for customised instructions for distribution of funds, as this becomes more complex over time and the administration costs become prohibitive.  Please contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss this further.

Can I give a scholarship for Nelson College graduates going to university?
The purpose of the Trust Foundation is to support the education of young men while studying at Nelson College.  We believe that supporting the college this way has the greatest impact on young men's lives and our wider community.
While we appreciate support for young men who graduate from Nelson College to tertiary study, this is not the purpose of the Trust Foundation.
If you specifically want to support students in this way, we encourage you to contact one of the following organisations to establish a scholarship for Nelson College students:
  • Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology -
  • University of Canterbury -
  • Victoria University of Wellington -