Nelson College Front Field Upgrade & Maintenance

The Nelson College Old Boys Association has committed to maintaining the newly upgraded Front Field at Nelson College.

The Front Field is the showpiece and defining feature of the College grounds. We want a field that we are proud of and that is easily maintained. 

In October 2022 the Association commenced the upgrade of the field. This project cost approximately $400,000. We now have a fantastic field but the challenge for us is to keep it in top notch condition. The Association has committed to maintaining the field for the next five years which comes at a considerable cost with our available funds for this work very limited.

We still have squares available to "adopt", and we encourage you to do this, any additional financial assistance, no matter the size, would be greatly appreciated and put to good use. 

Thank you to all those who have Adopted a Square so far, we appreciate all the support!

To Adopt a Square & donate to the maintenance fund, please follow this link below
and complete the form.

Adopt a Square

The NCOBA would like to thank all our donors and grant sponsorship. Thank you to our 130 anonymous donors and the following:

Eric Jorgensen, Keith W Blyth, Winton Barnes, Nick Tootell, Wade Phillips, Bruce Easton, Punn Cowarin, Kade Heke, Nigel Skeggs, Craig Hammond, Ray Forrester, Aerakis Family, Vicki Charles (for 2 sons), Dave Halliday, Scott Harford, Andrew Hogarth, Hammond/Unsworth Families, Jacob Bignell, Sittinun Thangjui, Michael  Eathorne, Alana Harvey, Garry and Toby Munro, Jamie Hampson, Simon Cheesman, Lachland Doyle, Noah Wiechern, Angus Wiechern, Hamish Catto, Miles McCarthy, Matthew Taylor, Chris Tully, Mike Neale, Dean Palmer, Bruce Paterson, Micel Treadwell.

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